Get to know the minds behind each project.

Creativity, talent and passion, our main tools.

Adrián CEO and founder

Adamant designer determined to find new ways of doing things. A demanding headhunter, fan of storytelling, black clothes, and science fiction.

Orlando General Director

Natural leader that makes things happen. He channels his unlimited energy into safeguarding the production agenda and training Crossfit. He’s sure his Hogwarts letter got lost.

DamiánCreative Director

Swiss Army knife incarnation whose creative vision sets our innovation standards. His dedication extends to music, basketball, and perfecting each one of his multiple talents.

Caro Project Manager

Her natural talent for organizing makes possible the impossible. Boneless taster, wine and coffee lover. A Gryffindor addicted to arranging spaces, like a Mexican Marie Kondo.

Juan Animation

Human encyclopedia that decided to focus his creative powers into animation. In his spare time, he likes to disconnect and go out to explore. To this day he’s the only one from the office who has taken the stairs to the 11th floor.

Charlie Design

His creative touch is the insurance policy of our designs. Avid consumer of 1950’s thrillers and collector of Mid-Century graphics. He was seven when he was bitten by a spider monkey.

Javi Design and Web Development

Experienced enthusiast of design in all its manifestations, and exemplary family man. This compulsive consumer of movies and stand-ups is a faithful lover of grilled meat.

Alex Animation

This animator’s dexterity is a key element in the success of our projects. He’s willing to face any challenge, as long as he can keep on drawing with pencil and drinking Arizona tea every day.

Pame Design

Agile visual artist whose great talent allows us to always be one step forward. She enjoys attending rock concerts, painting, and seeing people’s faces when they find out she has a black belt in Kung-Fu.

Ana Gaby Content Management

Woman of letters whose mission consists in understanding and transmitting the message behind each of our projects. 24 hours in a day are not enough for this scriptwriter, teacher, and relentless hunter of spelling mistakes.

Luis Animation

For this animator, breaking his own records is a daily occurrence. Illustrator and fan of videogames. He began the tradition of announcing to the whole office the arrival of the weekend with Friday by Rebecca Black.

Bianca Design

Mastering any graphic style is her specialty. Versatile illustrator that uses her spare time to work in independent projects, besides writing fantasy and playing Dungeons and Dragons.


A proactive, tenacious, and creative guy. Motivated by endless reserves of passion for animation, art and coffee. He likes to cut music in sections so as to only keep his favorite parts.

ArturoWeb Development

Technology enthusiast that ignores the impossible to make the most complex ideas and designs, a reality. He hopes his work will be renowned around the world, as well as his Pokémon Go collection.

Fabi Management

Her mathematical talent and objectivity allow her to transform big ideas into profitable projects. Not one detail can escape her, especially if it’s about animated Disney movies.